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Does anyone remember this movie…

I saw this movie on TV about 10 years ago. A woman in a relationship constantly sees a strange dream with a mysterious man, like a shadow, coming from the sea towards her. Convinced that he is her soulmate, she divorces her present partner and turns to a woman who is a phusic medium, a reincarnation specialist, to help her find him. During the sessions, she begins to see dreams or visions with couples from different eras ending up together in tender moments, I remember, for example, in one scene of her dream session being with him as a couple of villagers from previous years, in another one she is with him and he is a sailor from another era, etc. couples every time, but we learn that she hasĀ  the same fate as her mysterious lover over the centuries, and that it is their destiny to always end up together. Eventually she finds this man, coming like a shadow from the sea like in her dream sessions, and as we see his face, finally it is her already partner who had divorced from the begining of the movie, he was always with her. As he approaches her, he typically says to her: “Hello, my lost one…or something like that.

If someone knows the title of this movie, please writte it to me.

Thank you.

Does anyone remember this movie…

The only thing I remember from the movie is that its subject was about people who entered booths who wore virtual reality glasses and lived their lives. At the end of the movie everyone spent Christmas in virtual reality except a love couple sitting in a park bench.

If someone knows the title of this movie please writte it to me.

I watched this movie somewhere in 1995-2000 if that helps.