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1980s Maybe 90s Sci Fi/ Fantasy

Ok so this one has been driving me mad,

I know I somewhat recall a movie from when I was young that I would have seen on cable so it may have been a straight to tv back in the early-mid 90s


A kid, or kids, i believe they find a small machine in the attic that grants wishes.  He manages to get it working and all I have after that are off details.


He makes a wish for his parent or parents to disappear

The machine ends up broken, thrown down stairs after fight with parent I think

At some point I think two boys wish for an actress, swimsuit model ect to appear.

It worked and if I recall a very confused brunette woman appears

Ultimately the Grandfather or uncle Ect. ( Old white guy with a bushy mustache and some type of billed hat, cowboy or Savannah type.)

Only important because the uncle/grandfather or whatever had been in South Africa I believe mining gems, and the machine was made with a jewel he had sent the boys father and the old chap removes another gem from his hat to fix the machine.

In the end everything was better and happy, and most notably the grandfather was in a car about to leave and wished for the model/actress from earlier in the movie and she appears in the car with him, then they drive off…

Sorry but that’s all I have I really hope someone can help here.