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Watched 20-22yr ago Mom made daughter stay in attic and gave her a scalding hot bath in claw foot tub

I was around 7-9yr old and would watch it at my great grandparents house on vhs. I was young so it must’ve been somewhat age appropriate, not like an adult movie. I remember the mom and dad kept having boys and they wanted a girl. Or maybe they kept having girls and wanted a boy. They kept one girl in the attic I believe, but it was bright with some windows, and the mom drew her a bath in a claw foot tub that was in like the middle of the room. She poored water on her and I think it was hot water. I think the girl would look out the window at her siblings outside. I can’t remember much more than that. It was in English and in color. I think the girl would wear a dress. I’m beginning to think I will never figure it out.