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Arms dealer shoots a hole through a car

I remember seeing the beginning of a TV movie at my grandparents’ house in the late 80s:

Two guys drive up to an industrial looking location. One guy seems like a fussy type who is really concerned about the car getting scratched. The other guy approaches some guys at another vehicle to make an illicit arms deal. The guy inspects the goods and says something like “No bullet is worth 20 bucks a pop”. One of the arms dealers points a gun at the car, where the fussy guy is wiping a spot, and blam! shoots a hole clean through the engine.

Short film where man is forced to drink wine

I remember going to a film festival in the late 90s, and before the feature I had gone to see, there was a short film that really confused me:

Some rough guys bust into a room and pull an old man out of bed. One of the guys says something like “I know where we can get some wine”. Then they take the old guy to a different dingy apartment and get a bottle of wine out of a cupboard or something and force him to drink it. I don’t think much else happened in the film.

I was utterly bewildered! I kind of want to see it again to see if I understand anything better with age, or I’d at least like know who the director was and find out what they were trying to say.