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Diamond heist adventure movie where diamonds were hidden in shark infested waters.


Let me start by saying, that this is a movie i watched more than 20 years ago. It was around the year 1992-1993. I’m not 100% about the order in which all happens, but I’ll describe the scenes i remember, and i hope they jog someone’s memory.

The first thing i remember is a diamond heist, done by jumping with parachutes on top of a museum or gallery.

The second thing is a femaleĀ investigator/agent flying with a plane to a resort/hotel on top of a cliff (there may have been a waterfall too) and seeing a man jumping off the cliff. She was alerted but the pilot laughed and it turned out the jumper had a parachute and was jumping recreationally. A bit later she met him at the hotel and she spoke with him. Don’t remember more about this particular set.

Next she found him at a different hotel, and at first she was hostile. He tried to hug her, but she threw him on the couch. Then i remember she was waiting for him in a wooded area and he landed with a chute next to her.

Don’t remember much else from this point on. I think they were chased around by someone and finally caught and forced to reveal the location of the stolen diamonds, which turned out to be at sea and they had to dive with a cage so the sharks won’t eat them.