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Man escapes prison in a casket but discovers he is buried alive next to his dead accomplice (Modern movie, not Alfred Hitchcock)

Does anyone know of a more modern-era (post-2000s) movie that is somewhat similar to the plot line of Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season 1, Episode 4 – Final Escape?

I recall there was a man who ended up in prison for some reason. He then also tried to get out of prison by hiding in a casket with a corpse and then having someone secretly dig him out at night. They buried the casket, and he waited for his accomplice. At some point, he decided to call his accomplice’s phone but the phone rang from within the casket. Then the movie ends with man screaming in horror as he discovers his accomplice dead lying beside him with eyes wide open looking upward.

When I tried to search with these details, I keep only finding Alfred Hitchcock’s Final Escape episode, but the one I’m looking for is actually a more modern version with a quite similar ending.