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An animated movie about an old man, his hunting dog and bear with an eye missing


A vaguely remember watching this on VHS, but never seeing a part 2. Maybe it was anime, I’m not sure.

As I recall it was mainly about an old man wanting to hunt a notorious bear which had one missing due to an earlier conflict. There was a pup that was raised into a hunting dog. They never got to actually get the bear, and I never saw the continuation. And I think there was child character as well.

There was a scene when the pup was used to lift someone from a pit but holding on to the rope tied around its neck to form a loop around a person.

Also some hunting scene when there was some confusion about who shot a bird.

Movie (comedy?) where a blonde wife or divorcee has sex with therapist

I think it was either a therapist or a lawyer.

I have someone Patricia Arquette like in mind for the woman. I think it was a largely sex themed comedy or dramedy. For some reason I remember that sex scene, probably “doggy stile”. (Definitely a mainstream movie and not some softcore nonsense)
I probably didn’t saw the whole movie though.


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