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A poor family. An alcoholic father. (Почтальон и старуха проценщитца)

The plot of the film.
A poor family.
An alcoholic father.
Often sits up in pubs.
Sons do not have shoes for school.
America and disappears. 
The mother, to melt the stove,
pierced the partition in the apartment.
They were kicked out of the apartment.
The mother began to live with a man who humiliates her and the children,
makes him carry out the chamber pot.
Aunt bought him things and he got a job as a postman or courier.
He brought mail to one house,
there a leper girl gave him a tip.
He fell in love with her.
He began to earn extra money for an old woman pawnbroker.
And when she died,
he let her debt book float down the river.