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80’s movie, probably eastern european – ‘war’ on a market with fish cannons

I saw this movie when I was a kid. It was on VCR, but recorded from the television I think.

The movie starts on a market with two kinds of stalls: fish vendors and butchers.
A mom and her daughter are on the market and on one moment, the feather duster (that somehow is keeping the truce between fish vendors and butchers) is lost. A war on the market is started with scenes of cannons shooting fish and stuff.
In the end of the movie, the feather duster is found and a woman waves it in the air and yells some words so everything is back to normal.

Strange movie it was, but maybe someone knows the title?

Thanks in advance!

movie where there is a search for crashed American plane – the crew are ghosts

I saw this film a long time ago – 20 years plus. It’s in colour and in English. I saw on tv.

An American (world war 2?) plane is crashed in a desert. The crew are waiting for rescue, playing baseball. Eventually rescuers turn up. It turns out crew were all in fact dead and ghosts but they didn’t realise this.

When the bodies are recovered the ghosts vanish one by one except one whose body isn’t found and his ghost is left alone.

Thank you for any help

Funny Mechanical Monster behind the main door

Hello there All,

Need your help:

I’m looking for a comedy Hollywood movie of the late 1980’s or early 1990’s.

I remember a specific scene: the bad guys, who are after the main characters, break into the protagonist house and as they open the main door a very funny mechanical monster connected to it starts moving and growling, the bad guys get scared and shoot at the funny mechanical monster which then stops working. Please do help me. thanks in advance.

Mind control battle

This guy discovers a building  hidden on an empty lot from the minds of the masses and learns to see and enter it. He has a battle with a master of a dragon dagger that comes to life and flies through the air by the control of its master.  He learns to control it in a face of with the dragon and thus become the master during the fight on a spinning floor.  I saw it in the 80s. what is this movie?

Mirror across road in dark/black and white/car movie

I saw a movie in the early 70s, late night. It was an older movie in black and white. The scene recall best is of cars rounding a turn, seeing headlights racing toward them, then chickening out before the other “car” did, and crashing down a mountain..finally someone stays the course and it is learned it was a mirror across the road that caused it all….that is all I recall..It was kinda James Dean-ish..been trying to find it for 15 years!

Scifi Movie from the 70s-80s where mountain fortress comes out of the earth

I have a few memories of watching this when I was really little. I remember it coming on tv a few times.

The movie starts off as a group of humans and maybe non-humans led by a human to this jagged mountain fortress that they have to get into to rescue something. One of the monster lookin dudes that was in the squad gets squished holding the trapdoor or some stone up so the others can enter. Pegasus may or may not be in the movie. At the end of the movie the mountain fortress collapses back into the earth.

Sorry it isn’t much to go on.


the approximate date you saw it: december 23 or 24 2016 at 8:00 am to8:40am ish on i think family chnnal or had family on it.


whether you saw it on TV: shaw tv was a bad santa cartoon


so on christmas eve i think i was at work at 800am and we have cable there and there was this christmas cartoon on (i think i was family something channel on Shaw) anyway there was a lot of signing and there this Santa shop were everyone was making toys and Santa saying get back to work. and they would work beside there dad and grandad. one point they were saying we make dolls the grow tall, dolls that poop, dolls best of all do nothing at all. so this elf was angry at Santa for working so hard he made a jack in the box the punched sata out and all the toy fell on him. then he get haled to the doc and he starts singing and naming all these medical problems and love to dance. so they needed a Santa and found this guy at a restaurant and he used to be a milk man and well soon he lost his job and turned sour. anyway he ends up doing it and one chimney he gos down there this kid look at him and telling him he fake while his pants falls down and he says well im going to jail. (had boxers on) so santa wakes up and panics that the slay is gone and finds a bike to ride gos to the store and there this guy with 6 sets of hands and he buys all the crap then he gets knocked out by a tree. and that’s about all i seen b4 i had to start. if you seen it let me no whats it called. any help plz and thx