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Sigourney Weaver was that you?

The main character was a woman in her fifties who looked like sigourney weaver, she had 2 kids, a boy and a girl in their 20s or 30s. She was a divorced mother and I remember her daughter wanted to get married or something like that. It was a romantic comedy.

I think it was maybe 2009 when I saw the movie on tv. I actually saw just a few scenes. The one I remember the most was the one in which the kids where in their mom’s bedroom, the girl was criyng, I feel like she was the younger kid and a little spoiled too. She was criyng because of something that had to do with her wedding. Her brother was saiyng to their mom something like his sister was overreacting as usual and their mom just couldn’t stand them anymore and like went to another room. I think she wasn’t used to have her kids at her house anymore. Probably because they came back for reasons I don’t know but untill then, they lived in their own apartements.