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Teenagers Go Against The Law,May Have Killed,Their Car Ambushed And Killed.


I Need To Remember A Movie That Have.

Teenagers (A Boy And A Girl, Could Be More) Go Against The Law,

May Have Killed,

The Police Got A Picture Of The Girl Holding A Rose In Her Mouse, And Faked A New One, Switching The Rose For A Cigarette.

At The End, Their Car Gets Ambushed And Killed By The Police.

Estimated Release Year Of The Movie Is Between ( 1995 – 2005 ).

Thank You.

Family Comedy Movie

I’m looking for a movie, it’s family comedy one.

in a scene the hero and his friend are in a van, they want to go, the her says check then look at the door mirrors and again he says double check look at the door mirrors, his friend yells “just go”.

his friend died and he hears a rumor that he was gay but he doesn’t believe, he holds a photo of him, it’s partially covered, when he fully uncover it, it turned to be with his pants down and next to an athlete with swimwear, he says “oh! my god, he was gay”.

Comedy Remake Medieval movie.

I’m looking for two movies,i think one is a comedy remake of the first,

in the comedy remake the hero fights with another man on a bridge, they fight with sticks, they keep getting broken and smaller, then an african american one comes and says this is not the Mississippi river.

in a scene the movie shows a map of the world and the naval movement of the hero, he moves and crosses his destination then return to it.

in the not comedy one michael clarke duncan rides a boat with another one untill they get to shore, one tells the other i was stealing bread from you while you were praying.

American Troops go to Columbia

I’m looking for that movie about american troops who go to Columbia in a secret mission.

I watched it in 2007-2009.

in it when a soldier first appears the photo pauses and a name and description about him is written, one said loves cleavage.

in the operation a sniper was supporting his mates, enemy attacked him and he left his position, when they came to check on him, they didn’t found him, someone asked what was his last, one replied talked talking fire, the  first said this means FUBAR.