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Muvie about hunter who hound some monster in old town in midle of woods

Several years ago, I saw a mystical film that I really want to review.
I don’t remember exactly what the hunter was looking for, but the story was that the hunter went to the forest with professional equipment, set up video cameras and went to sleep himself, then watched that deer, wild boar and other beasts were filmed, but he was looking for something else and then went deeper in the woods, where the old buildings found the current ceiling .. it rained and he decided to spend the night there .. at night heard the sounds and went outside, where he encountered a mystical, terrifying creature, which in the final killed him.
What about the movie .. it seemed to me that it was about the search for the Tasmanian devil or the bigfoot, but the ones I found were not the right ones … maybe someone has ideas? the main key was the filming of the night, which can lead to the real movie if you remember.