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The film is about a teenager who saves his girlfriend and at the end stays with her on a yacht.

The film is exactly 20 years old. I don’t remember the plot very well, only a couple of moments.
Something like this. The guy goes after his girlfriend to the southern country, where he is forced to save her from bandits. The guy he met there (or something like that) helps him in this. A man teaches him to throw knives, sail a yacht and fight. The ability to throw a knife will come in handy for a guy.
I remember exactly the scene where a guy and a man are hiding in a car from bandits in the bushes. And when they pass by, the man with the words “The best defense is an attack” rams the bandits’ car and throws it off the cliff.
At the very end, a man and a guy with a girl on a yacht in the bay. And a guy with words like “Have a good weekend” jumps overboard, leaving the guy and the girl alone with each other.