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It reminded me of The Warriors.

This was a film from the 1970s or 80s made no later than 89 about street or biker gangs that wore distinctive gang colours/outfits like in the film The Warriors. I remember a scene reminiscent of the one in The Warriors, where Cyrus addresses all the gangs, only this scene took place in what seemed to be a large outdoor empty swimming pool (I think it was a pool, I only saw this film once as a child). All the gang members are sat around the edge of the pool listening to a speech. Also, the end shot is of the hero walking off down and empty road. I know the film is NOT 1990: The Bronx Warriors (1982) or Escape From The Bronx (1983) or Never Too Young To Die (1986) if this helps. Thanks.

Detective/Policeman searching for a missing girl finds her body in a greenhouse.

This is a 1970s film (possibly late 1960s) about a British policeman searching for a missing girl in her 20s. It might have been a TV movie. It was in colour. I don’t remember anything other than a scene in the middle of the film, where an older woman, possibly the girl’s landlady, describes to the policeman that the girl was very popular and men would pinch her bottom. Also, a scene at the end where her body is discovered in a greenhouse.