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Movie about group of people locked in rooms/floor

Hey there guys, i got this movie that i wanna see again, but cant think of what it is.

It plays on the plot of a group of people trapped, trying to get out. This one has atleast two rooms i think, if not more, so it’s more of a floor than a room.

One of the scenes is the group reading a note by their captors, and they use improper english, making the group think that its foreign people, like al qaeda or iranian. Some mideastern country.

They are pointed to start hurting each other(of course, right?!), for a prize i believe. I recall that when one person died, that food was sent down to the remaining people, to enforce their actions.

At the end, i remember that the one that survived got a big bag of money in a duffle bag, and went down another path, coming to a room where theres another group of people, all with duffle bags(they won their own groups tests)

I seem to remember that you were told somehow that that the real reason that the captors did this was to create our(U.S.) own suicide bomber type of people, that would die for their country. So i think the whole movie was supposed to be a government experiment.

This movie wasn’t a major production, as far as i know, so no popular actors or such. If anyone knows what this movie is, i would be grateful.