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Kids go to witches house

I remember seeing a movie maybe 10 years ago and there was this scene where a group of kids (I think it was two boys and a girl) go up to this old woman’s house who is rumored to be a witch. They dare one of the boys to knock on her door. It supposed to be that if you ask her, she brings out this box with like a glass ball or something in it and you’re supposed to be able to see how you’re going to die in it. The one boy goes up and sees that he’ll die on the toilet while reading a playboy. I think it was a coming of age movie, but I can’t really remember anything else, I just remember that scene.

I pretty sure it was made within the last 20 years. It was in color, and english.

Beast in a box

There was a scene from a film I saw when I was very young (early 90’s) at my cousins house, and I still remember it to this day. All I remember is that there was something big and scary (either some sort of monster, or an animal) locked in a chained up box in the middle of an empty room, and it was going crazy and the box was shaking. It might have eventually broke out, but I didn’t see that far because I was too scared.

Movie about a rape

Now I just keep thinking of movies I’ve wanted to find again.

I remember seeing this movie on tv, probably 10 years ago. It was about a girl who was raped. I think she was either a high school senior or she was in college. I think she knew her rapist, and she fought for years to get him convicted.  In the end, she’s happily married, and her rapist is finally charged.

I remember the girl had blonde hair. When she came home, after the rape, she was crying on the floor and she woke her sister up who asked her what had happened and helped console her.

Lifetime movie help

I saw this movie about 15 years ago, I’m pretty sure while watching the Lifetime channel with my Grandmother. It might not have been lifetime, but I’m pretty sure this was a made for tv movie. It’s most likely from the 90’s, but possible late 80’s,  Here’s what I remember:

A girl gets killed by her boyfriend and he takes her out on a boat, and dumps her body in a lake.

This other girl – possibly her friend or relative, tries to solve the mystery of what happened to her. She finds a button on the dock by the lake and I think that’s how they find the dead girl’s body. the button is important, because it’s not a normal button. The girl had sewn it on her sweater herself, and it was in the shape of a flower or a bee or something.

I think the girl that died might have been pregnant too, and that’s the reason her boyfriend killer her, because she wanted to keep the baby. I might  be mixing that part up though.

Scary woman with knife

Sorry, I have another one…there’s this scary movie I remember seeing and the ending is burnt into my memory because it cheeped me out so badly! A family movies into this big old house and I think the house it haunted…but at the end I remember this evil looking woman (I think it was the mother, and she went crazy from the house) and she’s bent over with a big knife stabbing the ground and staring into the camera. She has wild black hair and a white nightgown on. And then it just ends. I think it’s from the 80’s, but I can’t be sure. I saw it around 2000, but I know it was older at that point.

Old British movie

I saw this movie when I was a young teen – my Grandmother made me watch it and at the time I really wasn’t interested because it was black and white. My grandmother recently passed away, and now I’m hoping to be able to find some of these films and re-watch them in her memory. She was always trying to get me to watch old British films because she grew up in England. I feel bad I never cared for the films before, but I was young and I feel like the subject matter in most of them was too heavy for me. I found this site while trying to search for them and actually found the answer to another film I was looking for that was solved just recently (the knack and how to get it)  Anyway, there was one I found sort of amusing and I’d like to give it a re-watch. It’s about this boy who is always lying. He daydreams himself into all sort of elaborate situations. No one trusts him though because he lies so much. At one point he steals some money, and a cop comes asking about it, and of course he lies. He had hid the money in the drain pipe and it just so happens to be raining while the cop is there. The rain washes the money out and the cop sees it.
It was black and white and probably from the 50’s