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Childhood TV Show with animals as main characters?

I So I remember from my childhood I used to watch a TV show and it had talking animals I think. I can’t remember what the characters looked like or their names, but I do remember some bits of the episodes. The first one I remember is one where one of the characters has a metal detector and is searching for something. I remember the character went into a sandbox to search for it too. There was also another episode where a character is given a telescope with something black put on the eye-hole so it made a ring around the character’s eye. There was also another one where a character is given a round, blue candy in the shape of a ball from a round tin. There may also have been a part where a character was on the moon and saw aliens. I can’t remember if this scene is from the same TV show and I think there was a robot in that episode too. These are only bits of my memory of the show and I can’t remember exactly what genre it is or even what the characters looked like or their names, I just remember these specific scenes and I know they’re from the same TV show. The TV show is definitely set outdoors because I remember at the end of an episode, the character walked back on a path with their friends and there were trees and the clear night sky. I remember the TV show was very relaxing and it wasn’t a comedy or action show.