asteroid/comet headed for earth, blonde chick senses it

i watched a movie a few years back and the world was worried about this asteroid/comet, headed for earth. This blonde chick can somehow sense it and starts to become distant, detached, yet has ultimately accepted the fact that the world will end. The asteroid/comet whizzes past earth to everyone’s relief. So the blonde is staying with her sister, who’s married to this scientist working at nasa or something and he’s assured everyone it’s ok. but it’s NOT. he says it’s alright then goes inside and commits suicide. and oh boy somehow the asteroid/comet roped around (?) and crashes into earth. Pretty dreadful stuff. Anyone know this movie??? i can’t find it anywhere. it’s definitely made within the last 20 years

5 thoughts on “asteroid/comet headed for earth, blonde chick senses it

  1. definitely Melancholia (2011) — That movie traumatized me. It was another planet crashing into earth. Actress was Kristen Dunst.

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