asian movie

I remember when i was little there was this asian movie and it either came out in the 1980s or the 1990s. I remember there was an asian man that had a girlfriend who was white i think and maybe had long curly hair. And I think she betrayed him and turned him in and these people came and got him and took him to prison. I think his girlfriend was an orchestra player of some sort because she left this asian man i think for a white man with a ponytail i think. Also i think the movie starts off with situations of whats going on in that persons home country and i remember when he gets out he finds his girlfriend again and tthey reunite and they have sex on the couch. And then i remember a car blowing up but i dont remember who was in it. And then i remeber the asian guy gets involved with a gang and i think his friend or brother is in charge and that he did something to them or something and now there after him and i rember i think at the end a helicopter being in the movie. also they spoke english in this movie but they might have spoken chinese.

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