asian kid with transforming motorbike

I once watched a move about a kid that is extremely good at a game (where he controls a combat robot) where he got accused by the creator of the game, that he was cheating, because his reactions were “inhuman” or somthing.

Later a “motorbike” arrives as a “put it together yourself” puzzle, whereas later it turns out that it was a prototype that could transform into a combat  exo-skeleton.

later he gets the prototype taken away from him,

he trains some with a odd man,

and then gets a new red motorbike, (which also can transform ofc ) which seeminly were costumized for him)

it ends with the red unit actually can fly

2 thoughts on “asian kid with transforming motorbike

  1. i remember that. but the name ??! when i saw it, it were in really poor quality and the translation seemed wrong, spirit was used alot

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