Asian Category III Films

Hello everyone,


so there’s this short scene of a movie I’ve seen. If I’d have to guess I’d say it’s an erotic or erotic horror asian movie of category III. Note (not some kind of porn)

It’s a very short clip that starts like this:  night time, you can see an old house with a water mill. Next inside the house there are two bound men, which are blindfolded. One of them is sick because he’s sneezing.

Then we can see a woman approaching them, you can’t see her face, seems she has on a veil of some sort disguising her. She sexually harasses the first hostage and rapes the second one.

I’ve tried looking for this movie, but with so little information I couldn’t find it. You can’t see enough of the faces in that scene to recognize the actors.

If anyone has an idea what movie this could be, please let me know. Thank you!


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