Artist Muse frisky scene

I swear there’s a scene from a movie, maybe a show, but I think it’s a movie, where person 1 is painting or drawing person 2 (I think person 1 is a guy and person 2 is a girl…but I could be wrong), and there’s like this sexual tension (I’m pretty sure she’s nude), and she keeps moving, so he keeps pulling pages away and starting over but not in a mad way, like “I haveto capture this I have so much muse” way and it eventually leads to them making out/having sex. I think it’s painting because I remember things getting wonderfully messy.

I swear it’s in a movie somewhere. I don’t remember the actors, but I remember that scene! It had to be 80s and newer, I don’t really watch older things. But I can’t remember this movie!

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