Arabian Nights themed European movie been looking for 8 years

So, i hope i get help here, been looking for this movie for at least 8 years posted several times on IMDB forums no one could figure it out, movie is basically set in Arabian themed environment where Scheherazade and her friend/or some slave girl make some kind of plot and exchange roles so that evil Vizier fails with marriage to her, to be honest i can’t remember the plot properly and since IMDB deleted the forum cant extract from there, i have looked everywhere from Wikipedia categories list to imdbs movie mentioning anything about Arabian nights or Scheherazade. movie is for sure c. 2000-2010 and is of European origin, i presume its kind of low budget or b movie fantasy most likely French origin and that’s why tracking is so hard. i know i gave little information but any help is appreciated and yes this is not the “Arabian Nights”  miniseries in 2000 i have seen it at least 15 times! thanks guys!

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