Anime Style Film I Had on Video

Im looking for a anime style move possibly part of a TV series I watched on VCR about 1998-2003 time I remember it was also around similar time to pokemon.

It was English dubed.

It has a young boy/teenager on some sort of quest. He has an older big guy with him that wouldnt let him go on his on. They are being followed but some sort of evil witch/wizard that could turn its self into a tornado.

And when they find a hut too sleep in the night it like posses or does something to his friend (big guy) which in the morning makes him angry and aggressive.

At one point I remember them eating a white little sugar dumpling thing. (Remember it is a cartoon)

Thats kind all I have its driving me crazy trying to find out what it was. The video went missing so I cant even just find that.


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