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so there was this anime movie i watched about two years ago at my friends house, i guess it was pretty old but the characters sort of look like spirited away characters. i don’t remember if it was in english Dub or they had translations but it was a Japanese anime. SO it starts off as a girl living in an apartment but this new boy moves in from Italy, I’m pretty sure they are in middle school. One scene i remember clearly is that the girl was walking around and looked into a store, it was a cat or something but it moved , there was a key i believe . Another scene i remember clearly is that the boy took the girl to the roof of the school to give her a flower, also one part the boy called her out of the classroom to talk to her and everyone was like “oooh the boy from the other class called you out to talk to him! I believe his grandfather owned a wood shop and made everything out of wood, one scene she had tea at that place . My friends watched the film on youtube. The girl  lived in an apartment and the school had the typical uniform (blue skirt , white shirt” back to what i first said about a cat moving , i believe it was a small gold cat statue and it started talking to her. I hope you can find this film, i’ve been dying to know

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