animated witch and giant laughing toy

I am searching for an obscure animated movie or tv show (possibly anime?) that I rented in the 80s or early 90s. It involved a floating/flying witch or hag. I think she might have been wearing red and had a crazy eye. At some point the main characters (some kids I think) were chased through underground tunnels by what I believe was a giant toy on wheels which had a loud, honking laugh.

4 thoughts on “animated witch and giant laughing toy

  1. Random guess! unico in the island of magic? Its certainly pretty obscure anime, has a witch and a weird toy like things that chases the girl around caverns.

  2. That’s the one! It looks like the witch thing is Lord Kuruku and the toy is a dragon puppet. Has such a cult following, and yet was so hard to find. Thank you!

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