Animated robot kids movie

Ok so this has been bugging me for a long time, I can’t remember the name and its seizing me crazy. I saw it around 2000-2005 I think it’s a animated kid movie in colour

the sceane or seancs I remember from it is its about a kid who moves to a new town and the first thing he dose is accidentally hurt a girls robot they then becomes friends and she takes her to the garage where all her friends are the owner tells the new kid that he can repair a robot for a friend, so he finds this one in the back of the garage and is told that one won’t ever work because everyone’s tries but he fixes it anyway. Then later in the movie the garage starts to crumble and the new kid runs in to try and drag out the robot but then everyone is surprised when the robot wakes up and saves the boy by holding up the felling.

I remember more but yea that’s long enough I’m not too old but it’s driving me crazy because I very much enjoyed that movie

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