Animated movie with a weird love scene

I think I first watched it in the late 1990s/early 2000. It was an animated film that I watched on TV. It was in color , English, and the designs of the film was like drawn-comic like, you could see the movement of the shading as the characters moved. I think the main male had a pompadour hairstyle, and the main female had a blonde bob. One scene that I definitely remember was some kind of innuendo-filled sex scene as the characters were making love. It included a comb digging inside a brush; loafer humping a heel; bed post/headboard banging on the wall. And I think when they ended, the main female’s breast enlarged and filled up the whole house , and one of her nipple popped out the front door. An older coupled that was passing by sees this, and the old man touches his wife’s boob.

2 thoughts on “Animated movie with a weird love scene

  1. @Dwarf Oscar is spot on with the Plympton lead, and your movie is:

    I Married a Strange Person! (1997) –

    From a New Yorker review by Ken Marks of the New Yorker: “There’s a great sequence in which Grant and his wife are having sex, and their house and everything in it – the flower and the vase, the comb and the brush, the wing tip and the pump – get it on in sybaritic sympathy.”

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