Animated movie, girl gets kidnapped by a weird couple

I saw this cartoon movie (I think in the 90s) that sounds like the rescuers and it has that sort of vibe to it. I only remember some scenes from it so it’ll sound a little fragmented. It is about this little girl (i’m 90% positive it was a little girl and not boy) that gets kidnapped by this couple and their dog.

I think she escaped once and went under a bridge and they were looking for her with their dog at night with flash lights.

The woman was sitting by a pool in one scene and she sat on a pool chair that her dog was laying under and when she stood up, her dog had the chair prints in his back. I also remember she was eating a donut and got the chocolate all over her hand.

I remember they put the little girl’s face on milk cartons and a scene at a carnival with a ferris wheel when I think she was trying to be rescued.

I also remember a scene where she was on a boat that I think was near the end.

I know it’s all very random but I remember the scenes so vividly in my head, I just can’t remember the name. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


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