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I cant recall much about it. But it was animated and i thought it was treasure planet for a long time until i rewatched it. I only remember one scene where the group of heros had to sneak into a black tie affair of some sort in order to steal/obtain some information or object. Well when they get to the door there is a weapons check and everyone else had just one or two weapons, one guy in a full length trench coat had the whole thing full and proceeded to start unloading them all onto the table. Meanwhile everyone else is inside obtaining the info. Well just as he places the last weapon on the table and starts into the part everyone else comes running out in a hurry grabbing their weapons yelling they have to go now. So the guy grabs his stuff and they run to their ship just as people come running out after them they take off. Thats all i remember,but its killing me i cant remember the name of the movie.

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  1. just out of curiosity. What type of weapons were they? swords and daggers or guns, futuristic guns or rifles, the sort of thing you have around today. What type of ship was it a spaceship or a floating vessel.

  2. Sounds like one of the Captain Harlock movies. It’s a Japanese anime character who looks like a pirate, has an eye patch and his space ship also looks like a seafaring vessel and has a black flag with a skull and crossbones.

    1. Close but it wasn’t anime style animation. It was more like treasure planets animation which it why I was convinced it was that movie for so long

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