Animated little girls movie in the early 2000s

I remember very vague details about this movie so I might get a few things wrong. I remember that this girl and her little brother were taking the train down with their parents to see their aunt (?) And stopped for snowcones (I remember that because of how good the snowcones looked) and then they got there and the girl made friends with a few other girls and they decided to call themselves the hay girls (they were in a barn at that point). I also remember that her uncle kept eating pies and her aunt and mom decided to prank him by sewing all his clothes smaller. I believe there was also a point where the girl, her little brother, and possibly her friends thought that there were aliens in the cornfield but it was actually a tractor(again, my memory is a little fuzzy so this could be from a different movie). The last thing I remember was the girl going through a chest of either her grandmothers or great grandmothers things from when she was the girls age and finding a locket with a picture of the (great?)grandmother. I believe the main character might have had blonde curly hair and freckles. I grew up in the early to late 2000s so that would have been when I watched the movie but it could have been made earlier than that by a few years. It might have been played a few times on Nickelodeon but since It was so long and there was never any thing else about it aired I don’t think it was a t.v. show.

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