Animated Film with Horse and Cage

I would have seen this colour animated film (English language) when I was a child, so it would have been between 1993 and 1999 that I actually saw it – most likely rented out on VHS tape from a video store.

My memory is a bit hazy, but I remember a young pretty lady who I think may have been wearing a green necklace or she was somehow symbolised as green. Not entirely sure but I’m pretty sure she sung a song which was a bit haunting? The lady was somehow a bit scary; she may have been a witch but you couldn’t tell just by looking at her – she may have been a witch in disguise. There was definitely a horse pulling along a wagon, and I’m pretty sure the wagon had a large cage on it. Not sure if the cage was holding someone/something prisoner? I think the young lady was in charge of this horse and cage. She may have been taking the horse/cage towards a castle. I’m fairly sure the lady had magic powers. Sorry that I can’t be more specific but hopefully someone can help. I am mainly interested because of the song or songs which I found haunting. Thanks!

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  1. the only things coming to mind for me are The Flight of Dragons (1982) or Quest for Camelot (1998) but neither sounds right…

    do you remember any other details – like, was it maybe an anime movie with an english dub? it sounds like it was a fantasy setting – were there any magical creatures you can recall?

    1. Unfortunately it is neither of those, although they are in the same genre. I’m very sure that it would have been produced in English initially. It was definitely a fantasy setting with magic, so similar to all the suggestions so far. Unfortunately I don’t recall if there were any magical creatures but there probably were. I feel like the young woman was somehow magic. She seemed innocent but I think she was keeping some creature(s) captured in a cage which did look similar to the one from The Last Unicorn, however I think the cage was being moved by a horse. I feel like the drawing of humans was similar to some Disney movies like The Little Mermaid or Sleeping Beauty. I’ve checked all Disney movies and it isn’t any of them. Unfortunately my memory is not that clear on this so I can’t help much but I’m always happy to try to answer any questions.

  2. i have been racking my brain (and wikipedia) but i think i got nothing. The Snow Queen (1995)? one of the Swan Princess sequels, maybe? i watched a lot of animated fantasy movies in the 90s but i think you’ve stumped me.

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