Animated Film Steven Seagull

Hello again. I’ve had this seen running around in my head the past couple of days. I seem to recall a animated movie that had a funny off-segment or funny clip with a seagull that took himself a little too seriously and was obviously a parody of Steven Segal. I might not have that 100% correct, or correct at all, but I seem to recall it fairly well from my memory. I’ve Google’d around a bit but haven’t found the clip. It might be from the movie Storks, but again, I can’t find the exact part or clip. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Animated Film Steven Seagull

    1. No that’s not it, the one I’m thinking of is more recent and was 3D Animated. I might have just made it up in my mind, but I swear I remember it from somewhere. Thanks for looking though and bringing back some good memories!

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