Animated Film of dreaming baby

I remember seeing a really wonderful animated film about a sleeping baby. The baby dreams up a world in which babies are the rulers instead of adults. The people inhabiting the dream-world realize that they are in somebody else’s dream, and they know that when he wakes up they will cease to exist. They launch a mission to open a doorway into the dreamer’s reality, and they kidnap the baby and carefully take him inside his own dream taking great care not to wake him. They keep him in a room on a comfortable bed where guards make sure he doesn’t wake up.

That’s about all I remember… I don’t think there were any spoken words, and I think I saw it in the late 80s or 90s. I just remember that it was such a fantastic idea, and portrayed in such a cute way. If anyone knows this short film, I’d love to watch it again.

2 thoughts on “Animated Film of dreaming baby

  1. I am looking for the same film. I didn’t remember the detail about the dreamer being a baby, but makes sense because I remembered some of the characters being babies. I also remember that they protected the alarm clock with pillows.

    They had dialogues, when they made the plan they were speaking and in the end of the planning session, one of them ends up buried under the map or something and says something like “We will make it!” and his finger punches the map.

    I hope someone remembers the name.

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