Animated (Anti-war?) movie starting with bomber planes fighting and crews turning undead….

…Protagonist is a sexy fighter lady.

Hi all,
saw this a long time ago. It must have been end of the 80ies or beginning of the 90ies. The movie could even be a few years older; it seemed well-made but wasn’t very widely known I think. Target audience was probably adults not something you would have seen on TV at the time. It was overall a pretty dark movie – no humor – it contained some pretty gruesome fighting scenes and I don’t remember very much else. It was a bit confusing at the time. That is why I would like to see it again and figure out a bit more.
It must have involved different timelines or story lines. It started out with some WW2-like bombing scenes, fighter planes (or flak maybe) and bomber planes being shot and crashing with one of the bomber planes and its crew being shown in more detail. They also get shot up and go down and get overrun by undead soldiers or the crew turned into zombies themselves. Zombies throughout the movie looked more like skeletons rather than typical zombies.
The protagonist of the film was a tough fighter lady also or mainly using a sword to fight if I remember correctly. She was not in the opening scenes. Later scenes involve a more modern airport or similar facility being attacked (resembling a terrorist attack).
Towards the end there is a scene where she can be seen stripping naked (no frontal nudity) and swimming through a pool towards somebody else (or some throne?) like some rite of passage. The scene had strong contrasts between the dark surroundings, ink-like water and light skin tones and the throne or goal illuminated brightly.
I bother Google’s servers from time to time but there are just too many war, zombie and animated movies to find this specific one.

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  1. There is an episode in this movie which has the bomber crew turning into the undead, and it has an episode at the end with the warrior lady.

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