Androids having sex with humans

So I fell asleep on my couch with the TV on. I woke up in the middle of the night to this insanely weird show/movie on TV. All that I remember is that this woman was having sex with this woman. I think it was like 3-5 years ago. I think it was like an HBO or Starz channel because there was full nudity. I was too tired to look at the name. I really want to know that this is a real movie and not some weird dream I had.

3 thoughts on “Androids having sex with humans

  1. Sounds like the HBO series ”Perversions of Science” which ran for 1 season in 1997. It was a Tales From The Crypt spin-off.

  2. It sounds like Teknolust made in 2002… A female humanoid/robot that must have sex with men to survive, (the man subsequently dies as he is drained) it’s stars Tilda Swinton, she actually plays all the female robot and scientist role…it’s extremely strange sci fi with a little dark humor…but I bet this is the one as it would play on cable only

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