An old chinese kung fu movie

I would like to find this movie I seen when I was a child in the late 80’s. It was color, and dubbed in English. Here’s what I remember…A guy goes into a jail and takes about 12 convicted murderers with him to stop some other guy. One of the convicts is called one eye and wears a patch over his right eye, I think it’s the right. One eye’s choice of weapons are 2 knives. One convict asks the “boss” if he can say goodbye to his mother first. The “boss” let’s him and the others don’t think he’ll come back, but he does the next morning. One fight scene happens by a lake where the group is drinking and horsing around. Another fight scene , and this is the reason I want to know the name of this movie, there is a guy with grey hair and he walks out of a building with four men around him carrying flags. The ‘boss’ buy fights the defeats the four guys while they are sliding around on their stomachs. The grey haired man has his arms painted like snakes, and uses them as such. That is the extent of my memory. I would appreciate any suggestions, lol I’ll search them all.

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