An Inter racial Couple’s Love in Late 1800s or Early 1900s

The movie is about an inter racial couple set in the 1800s or early 1900s (I don’t know the specific era because I was less than 10 years of age at the time I watched the movie). The woman is African from and was married to a white man. They had a son and moved to the US. She was treated badly by the white people in their new home. They run a bar, where the white customers didn’t want her to serve them drinks. Her son was almost drowned by a racist neighbor. Her husband was able to rescue their son. During the course of the movie, the couple lost their second baby. Then, the man died and the woman had to send their son back to West Africa to live with her sister. She went back to the bar to work for new owners. The end of the movie showed her washing dishes and gradually aged into an old lady over the course of many years.

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