Amovie where everything is controlled by a guy in a pod.

So its from the 90s or early 2000s. its like a cross between Chopping mall and Steel trap. the main badguy is a little robot and (spoilers) the secret badguy is a guy in a pod and the little i swear ive seen this movie described a hundred different times but i cant figure it out. (spoiler) the ending of the movie is the secret badguy gets found out and summons a big bosslike bad guy at the end thru the manipulation of these black spheres the size of a small rubber ball, he’s defeated and the blow back surges to the badguy thru the umbilical and burns him but he’s fine and calls someone to start another mach or something? andy help is appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Amovie where everything is controlled by a guy in a pod.

  1. sometimes it’s just a matter of incredible timing. the Subterano DVD was actually on my desk when your post went up. Not even kidding about that. Haha.

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