Amnesia Gangster

This is movie I have seen during 1999 – 2004. Movie seems to be from 1990’s


A guy is found from the river/sea. He is unconscious  and is in a coma. Then later he wakes up with an amnesia. Then some people tries to kill this guy and he discover that he is a gangster. He has stolen money (in a red bag) from some other guy (villain). He dint remember anything initially but gradually starts getting his memory back on seeing things. He finds his two guns with special markings. There is a heroine who initially tries to kill him but then joins his side. Then there is fighting with bad guys but he still could not remember where he have hidden the money. Then in the climax after defeating the villans  while driving by the road he see a bill board containing some cactus and then he recollects that he has actually hidden the money by the road along some cactus trees. He goes there and gets the bag full of money.


I think the hero is a black guy. seen it on axn. one movie that impressed me in my childhood. and no its not any Bourne Identity.



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