American/Russian Spy Scene

I remember a scene from a 70s or early 80s TV show or movie, in English, in color, live action.

the scene has an American (military?) guy who’s a Russian spy with a female handler. The dude seems a reluctant spy and has had his eye altered – possibly to mimic someone else’s retina – and the handler has some kind of loving-but-controlling influence over him. Maybe the eye is bandaged, but she gets angry when she catches him smoking because it could damage the altered eye.

could be from Mission Impossible, a James Bond film or even an episode of Six Million Dollar Man, but that’s the right era. I don’t think the spy or his handler were the main characters or the star of the show/film.

should be easy for someone on here because I don’t think it’s obscure; I just can’t remember the source myself!

6 thoughts on “American/Russian Spy Scene

    1. Barbare Carrera plays the female handler who supervises a NATO military officer who is a traitor, and who has one of his eyes/retina changed to help him steal two cruise missiles. He has a bandage on that eye.

      1. In this clip, starting ca. at the 6:35 mark you can see Barbara Carrera tending to the military man’s bandaged eye:

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