American Gothic type!

I was very young, movie made either late 70’s or early 80’s ish. Color, but very dark & grainy. I lived in village so it was a tv movie, I think.  I will be so happy to find but sad at same time  because it is the one movie I am not able to find on my own and will have no more reason to search old childhood movies. Lol so here it is:

It’s story is similar to American Gothic from 90’s. A group of young adults, I think 2 couples and one who is not a couple. They are in the remote forest, find a cabin with people/fam living there. The family allow them to stay till they get help, or something like that. They stay in separate rooms. It’s very dark due to not much lights or just no electricity. I think one girl has red short hair, another (survivor) has long blonde hair.

Then someone starts killing them. Don’t recall till it shows the blonde escaping. Running through the forest. I believe she escapes by climbing a steep rock cliff type wall. At the top is more forest but I think she gets to a bridge with a security guard at the other end. Like an indoor type bridge. I believe she may have gone insane.

I think she thinks the guard is bad and maybe kills him. Or maybe he takes hold of her trying to calm her down. I can picture when she was running very clearly. She was limping, dirty, clothes torn,  very tired from running so long. My mom never seemed to care to watch what I watched so I was probably 7 or so years old. Pretty sure it was b type movie but I don’t care, I would be so happy to re watch. Thx for reading.

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