American child’s movie from the 90s or possible the late 80s?

So I was sitting in my apartment when all of a sudden I started whistling a song that I had heard from a movie when I was a child (I’m 22 now and I remember this movie being one of my favorites from when I was young so it’s probably at least 14 years old at this point if not much older). The song I remember from it was pure whistling and if I recall correctly the whistling occurred as this little boy was walking around outside possibly going into a forest. The house was in a pretty open field with not a lot around it. That’s all I can really remember from the movie except for the song which for some reason I can whistle perfectly.

To try and help I’ll type out the whistling song as best I can to see if I can give you an idea. It went something like this (I’ll use DOs to represent how long the whistle should be): do-do-dodododo-dodododo-dodododo-doo-do-doo-do-doo-dododo-do-dodooo. Something like that, if that helps at all.

2 thoughts on “American child’s movie from the 90s or possible the late 80s?

  1. That’s Heidi, the TV series from 1978. About a young girl who goes to live with her Grandfather in the Austrian Alps. I remember the tune too, its stuck in my head forever.

    1. I checked this out and it’s not quite right. I can see a lot of similarities but I’m pretty sure this isn’t it. The scene I remember the best was with the main character who I’m pretty sure sure a young boy whistling the tune that was in my head while doing something. I’m also more inclined to guess that I’m referencing a movie rather than a tv series, but I’m not 100% sure on that.

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