Amer. English TV movie, In color, I saw it late 90’s early 2000’s…

I only remember the start:
A girl, I believe the youngest sibling, was being, not exactly bullied, but mistreated by her family. If I remember correctly, She would make herself some cereal/oatmeal/toast (idk some generic breakfast meal) then an older sibling would take hers and sit down. She’d make the food again, and another sibling would come in, take her food and sit at the dining table. Even her dad does this?I can’t remeber if they were intentionally being jerks or just not paying attention to her.

If I remember correctly, she has a dream (nightmare?) where her family is waving goodbye to her and dissapear. I cant remember if the family was there or not when she wakes up.

The youngest girl might have had short hair and overalls but I could just be thinking of a Ramona Quimby book……..
That’s all I got, sorry! Thanks for any help!

1 thought on “Amer. English TV movie, In color, I saw it late 90’s early 2000’s…

  1. I’m not sure if it’s the same movie, but your description really makes me think of Matilda, but I don’t remember anything about a dream. Good luck

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