Alternate Dimension Room With Demon

It was an indie short horror film I saw on probably vimeo 1-2 years ago. Probably based on a creepypasta. It was recently made and uploaded when I watched it. A guy gets sucked into an alternate dimension, I think, by playing a video game that a freaked out friend has been cursed by and passes off to him. He ends up in an empty cave-like cell locked up with a demonic humanoid with no eyes who I believe says “I am Food”, like “Food” is its name. It is insinuated that the guy is going to be tortured, possibly eternally, by “Food”. It kind of ends there. I thought the short film was called “Food”, but I’ve been searching for it and can’t find it…which is creepy because this is starting to kind of sound like a creepypasta in itself. Anyways, if y’all can help me out, I’d very much appreciate it.

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