Aliens help humans

Aliens have come to earth and shared medical advances. They also have some kind of transportation similar to Star Treks’ transporter. They have heavily fortified defenses. They have anti-gravity vehicles. But they have their own agenda, they wish to reduce the population by sterilizing women and maybe men also. English speaking movie.

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I am just an old lady passing time. I like this concept also. I watch many movies so I hope I can be helpful while also being helped.

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      1. Hi, thanks for the response. Yes, V almost always comes up in the various keyword searches I have done over the last year or so trying to find my movie. I know V and have watched it.

        I don’t understand why I can’t find mine tho. I know how to do keyword searches very well, but unless I am misremembering it quite a bit, it just does not come up.

        I distinctly recall certain scenes.

        I also remember there was a man who was some kind of liaison between them and earth who, as I more vaguely recall turned to a resistance fighter with a few others upon finding out the ulterior agenda of the sterilization. He and those others sabotaged the main transporter (it is a walk-in kind of machine) but lost all their resistance fighters getting some kind of bomb through the portal.

        There were automatic lazer type guns placed all around the area and the “bomb” kept getting closer to the machine with each person being killed until the last person pushed it in while the lazers killed him.

        The aliens also showed an example on another world they helped to the liaison guy. It was peaceful but from the small area, they showed him it was just one farmer who did the work getting the hay I guess, ready to be pulled up into their ship/vehicle.

        Showing that another promise by the aliens that there would be no war. But in fact, the planet had become mostly agrarian with only the needed amount of people to serve the aliens’ needs.


    1. Hi Livinghead, I’m sorry but much of these details are not in my head. I suffer from some memory old age issues.

      But now that you ask, it could very well have been some kind of series. My memories are that this is possible.

      It was a very modern style movie. But although I can say it was within the last 10 years, I’m not really sure, it could be within the last 20 even, I just can’t pin that down. But the aliens had a modernistic feel to their presence and machines.

      I am unsure quite a bit here, but I think they wore blue suits and/or outfits, and were very business-like.

      Thank you

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