Alien or Haunted Vending Machine

I only remember one part of this particular movie. My babysitter showed me a movie when I was between 6 to 9 that had a man putting his arm into a vending machine and it not letting him go. I believe it was either taken over by aliens or haunted. I also think it would glow greenish. I watched it mid 90s I would say and it was in clolor. I have looked all over online and find nothing. And it is NOT Maximum Overdrive. Pretty sure it was horror/sci fi since that was what we always watched. Any help is greatly appreciated.

6 thoughts on “Alien or Haunted Vending Machine

  1. It was about a possessed girl and a haunted drive-in. I seem to remember a death by vending machine, but I can’t find the scene.

  2. This sounds familiar but I’m drawing a black. Could it have been a creature inside the vending machine maybe? Like one of the Critters or Ghoulies movies or something like that? Or maybe I’m just thinking of the guy getting his arm stuck in the post box in Gremlins. ?

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