Alien movie taking place underground with etchings on walls?

I suddenly remembered a movie that I had seen on television a few years back (around 2005 – 2008?) and each time I came across this movie it was always at the same part (which I’m pretty sure is the ending). Two men and a woman (if I remember correctly but my memory is very hazy) are underground and the only passageway to the surface is a hole (maybe a manhole?) that they have to climb up through (which is the same way that they got into the cave in the first place). Going up the wall are some alien-eqsue writings/paintings, or maybe arrows pointing up to the surface. And I remember that this takes place near some sort of diner or gas station in the midwest/desert, or it could be in Australia. I don’t know if it’s a horror movie or just an action thriller but I DO know that it’s neither The Descent, The Cave, The Cavern, nor Tremors.

If anyone can help me figure out what movie this is I would appreciate it! Thanks in advance!

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