Alien living here

SO, I remember a B&W movie I saw on TV in the 60’s where an alien spacecraft lands (maybe ‘crashes’ is better) in the desert near a small town. The humanoid alien befriends (or is befriended by) a woman in town and they talk in her home. People start getting killed on the outskirts of town, because some kind of alien creature had gotten aboard the craft, and the creature is hiding in a cave outside town.

When he hears of these killings, the humanoid alien recognizes that these are due to this creature, and he goes to try to kill it. His hand weapon has been damaged (perhaps by the crash) and won’t work. He disassembles it on her kitchen table, and finds a part that’s damaged. He decides that the wires on poles running around town have power that might be able to operate his weapon to kill the creature.

The woman takes him out to the road near the cave, he climbs a telephone pole, cuts the wires and hooks them to his weapon. She got on a nearby telephone, calls the local power company, where the guy at the power plant switches off the power as the alien is cutting the wires and connecting them to his weapon, and then turns the power back on, at her request over the phone.

That’s what I remember, anyway… What’s the name of it?

4 thoughts on “Alien living here

    1. Thank you, So Refined. You got it. I found it on the net and see that it is the flick in question.
      It is good to check with experts for a quick answer! Thanks again.

      1. Glad to help. I just watched the Mystery Science Theater episode this movie was in the other day, so it was fresh in my mind.

        Yay for solves!

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