Alien humanoid monsters with elecric/laser tongue B Horror


This is my first time seeing this site and it seems awesome!

Here’s my (short) memory:

I think it’s towards the end of the movie and people are running frantically frome these tall alien or science experiment creatures that are killing people.  One of them grabs someone and shoots its tongue into their mouth and electrocutes them and kills them.  I think it was a “futuristic” movie from the 80s or 90s.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

7 thoughts on “Alien humanoid monsters with elecric/laser tongue B Horror

  1. GG was real close there but it sounds like Andrew actually got it on his own. I guess with 96 Solves to his name GG can afford to give one away!

  2. no argument here. that’s funny, too, because i rewatched the end (but not the beginning) of Syngenor and convinced myself that it couldn’t possibly be your movie. though i felt like the “running frantically” thing disqualified Scared to Death. it’s very leisurely paced; nothing in that movie happens frantically. LOL.

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